Dear Leslie Jones:

I can’t believe what I just saw. After a long week of other celebrity Twitter bullshit being at the front and centre of everyone’s attention while people abroad are suffering from the aftermath of terrorist attacks, I’m at a loss for words. The thing that is currently making my blood boil, however, is seeing one of the people I look up to the MOST in the entertainment world get beat down. Man, I knew very well we weren’t past racism but I didn’t realize we were still in the medieval age. For crying out loud.

I first saw Leslie Jones on Saturday Night Live and my sister and I fell in love. Like pure, real, loyal love. Her candor, her spirit, and her energy radiates through the screen. She has the power to give you hope and strength. She should be getting celebrated for making it this far in an industry that does nothing but judge, pressure, and edit people to fit their idiotic stereotypes and requirements.

Instead, people decided to take to Twitter last night to bash her because she is a black woman.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Social media is empowering everyone and anyone to hate from behind a screen free from punishment. “Power to the people!” they said in my intellectual property class.

Our humanity is being damaged. Now that there are screens to protect us from face-to-face interaction, people feel guilt-free about hurling racist and misogynistic comments her way without giving a thought to the fact that she is HUMAN. Just because she is a public figure does not mean her life is public property to be mistreated. There is a DIFFERENCE.

How is that supposed to make a young black woman feel about entering the entertainment industry? When she sees millions of people ripping apart somebody’s work or criticizing their appearance because of their race, is that something she’s supposed to accept as “part of the job”? Some of the potentially brightest lights out there are burning out. Think for a moment about what the world is losing.

I can’t help but feel like people are losing touch with love. What it means, and what it is. It’s an energy. Not something that is reserved and restricted for one thing or one person. It’s a human thing to love and to want to be loved and yet people still associate it with weakness. It’s something you carry around in your energy that draws people to you, it’s the greatest strength. If you’re carrying hate, jealousy, fear or anger, people notice. I was tempted to throw so much shade at someone last night and that ended in me feeling sick. You get what you give. Simple.

I have no doubt that Leslie is going to come out of this stronger than we’ve ever seen her. But there are people who have quit. There are people who have stopped doing what they love. Leslie is not one of them. She is a true inspiration who knows the magnitude of her impact on the entertainment industry and she has passion. Man does she have passion. I love her to death and stand behind her 100%.

It’s so repetitive of me to say that words have power, so I’ll say this: your words are energy. Energy that is able to physically alter the chemistry of your body and mind. Use it for the good of everyone and you will be rewarded, use it to hate on someone who is working her ass off to make the world a better place and watch it come back to you tenfold.


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