Third Time’s the Charm?

For those who know me, you know I’ve tried starting a blog twice before. One with several other people (who I admittedly dragged into the project), and one on my own. The reason for the second one? I was feeling vindictive. Isn’t that honestly the worst way to start off a project?

So I’ve decided to say enough is enough of trying to write for other people and to just simply write to express myself without limits, and without thinking about the numbers. I’m not one for labels and never will be, which is why I struggled to title this blog until it occurred to me that there is no need to put myself into a box. Society teaches you boxes.

Why the title Everything is 4? Because aside from the fact that it’s apparently a Jason Derulo album title (I had no idea either), it’s because my life consists of experiences that have affected and shaped my mind, body, heart, and soul. Those 4 elements encapsulate all aspects of my personality and I’m constantly trying to live in a way that will allow me to balance them.

So whether you choose to stay with me or not, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this post because this is an exciting chapter for me. Oh and mom, if you’re reading this: I did it!





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